The Municipality of Cerkvenjak is the administrative, economic, educational and cultural center of the wider area. Municipality is home of 2,142 residents in an area of 24.5 km2. Good spatial positioning, favorable economic conditions as well as experienced and highly educated workforce were the key factors that made the municipal leadership began to think about building Business-Industrial Park. The main objective is with a clearly defined strategy and vision to create opportunities for sustainable development of enterprises and region and with the creation of new jobs to build positive synergies with the local environment. For this poject was necessary to provide and build urban and architectural plans, geological and geotechnical studies, to produce project documentation, to obtain building permits and at the same time to prepare the legal, financial and communication plans.

The most important industries in the municipality are:

  • Construction
  • Basic metals and fabricated metal product manufacturing
  • Motor vehicles and household goods repair
  • Transportation services
  • Commerce and Hospitality
  • Tourism

The conditions for the development of new small businesses are supported by the municipality with financial support from the municipal budget, the preparation of various development programs as well as with applications in various government calls.


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